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March 24 , 2014 06:19 AM in Dogshows
Check with me so I can coordinate ring times for dog show Candid and movement shots. Need head shots? Stacked shots? After-show appointments, as time and weather allow. Dates listed for ringside Candids open for Specialty Clubs and Performance Events ______________ April 5 & 6 Pittsburgh dog show (possibly) Ringside Candids ___________ April 12 & 13 Harrisburg Dog show (Sat & Sun Only) Ringside Candids ___________ April 15-17th ......
March 1 , 2014 05:09 PM in Announcements
Just got a camera and have no clue how to do anything but point, shoot and PRAY you got the shot? Already have a camera and not getting quality results when you're using the preset modes? What are all those settings - AV, TV, M, A, S, P? Ever wonder what the difference in file names can mean for the quality of your prints - Jpg, Raw, Tiff? Compressed, uncompressed? ACK!!! ____________________________________________________________ How about a custom camera lesson, geared to what YO ......
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